Mr. Moon


I found out today that Moon, 
the brother of Grizelda & Chloe Jo,
just passed over The Rainbow Bridge.
He was special to all who knew him.
He leaves behind his sister, Willow.
All four turned 2 years old
recently, at Thanksgiving.
The litter had been very ill from birth, 
particularly Moon, who suffered 
persistent, chronic lung problems.
I am heartbroken, though
I know he is at peace and happy.
I have written about the kitten’s story.  


3 thoughts on “Mr. Moon

  1. So sorry about Mr Moon. He never had much of a life with respiratory illness.

    I have two young barn kittens who also have a respiratory illness and the vet treated them but they have not improved. Some days they play together and other days they look like they have difficulty breathing. The vet was hoping that they will outgrow it but so far I have my doubt.



  2. I know that these four kittens were your very precious babies, and they owed their little lives to your tender loving care. How hard it is to say goodbye to one of them so very young, but you made it possible for him to have two precious years of life with Willow. He will be happily waitin in the furry greeting committee when the day comes that you go to join them!


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