Heart Lights

They had always celebrated Christmas, with all of the “busyness” that goes with it. Shopping, baking, cooking, and lots of decorating! There was always a real tree, often chosen and chopped down together. Once home, it was set up together, and there were never enough lights. Lights were hung on the tree, in the windows, on the house, fence, and garage, even the bushes outside. There was the special, big wreath that hung around the stained glass window, too.

Times and life circumstances have changed. There aren’t the same festivities now. He knew he wouldn’t be home for Christmas again. It wasn’t his choice, or hers. Hopefully, things will be different in the future, but this is what it is for now.

So before he left for his long over the road trip, he brought up the big lighted wreath. He took it outside, hooked it up, and hung it around the stained glass window, just like they always did. He did it for her because he knows she loves the holidays and the lights. It is one of their many connections, even though they are apart. They love each other, no matter where they are. 

In the midst of the darkness, the light is there at home, burning because of him, and for him.

16 thoughts on “Heart Lights

  1. This post just made me cry, it is so full of the love that grows thru the years, the understanding each other completely, and the desire to do what will make the other happy. You two “kids” have it right, McGuffy Ann, your love and devotion to each other is an amazing thing! I know how hard this season is for you with Bill on the road, and I think it is so perfect that he hung your wreath before he left, and you'll be leaving the lights on for him!


  2. I'm likkng this, McG Ann. Not that he has to be away, but the way you've written it. You have made it all seem real, and left me saying, “Why did he have to go?”

    My job for Christmas decorations is to do whatever little we do outside and to put together and stand up the artifical tree for Mrs. Jim to decorate. I doubt that she thinks of me when she sees the tree standing. XD


  3. so perfectly beautiful and tender it brought tears to my eyes.
    And then I read it again 🙂

    (and hopefully you don't get this comment twice because the first time it disappeared in the middle of the writing.)


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