Summoning My Inner Ballerina

Balancing Love and Loss, Family and Friends, Life and Politics
By Paula Mack Smith
This is an exceptional memoir. Paula shares details of a life fully lived. As in each and every life, there are ups and downs. The key is to find a way to get through each chapter, each hurdle, and each experience whether positive or negative. Paula shares her special way of getting through them.
As a young girl, Paula took ballet lessons. At her recital, a photo is taken of her in all of her glory. It is the only childhood picture of her by herself, without siblings. This picture epitomizes the “Inner Ballerina” of Paula, her inner beauty, poise, strength, and confidence.
While we each do not have an Inner Ballerina, we do each find a way to cope when necessary. It is calling upon this inner self that allows Paula to cope with the many things she must face throughout her life. From a tragic fire, cancer of first herself then her husband, a serious illness of a child, to many other life experiences, Paula calls upon her Inner Ballerina.
Paula writes with heart and with humour. I love this memoir and admire Paula for her strength and honesty.

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