7 thoughts on “Trucker Logs

  1. I loved this picture McGuffy Ann! It's Bill in “not/driving” mode, but still working! I know the regs and paperwork for truckers are extremely detailed and have to be precise. I don't envy him keeping up with it. I pray for his safety out there and a speedy journey home to you!


  2. I kinda know what that's like…I used to work in a CPA office and I can't tell you how many truckers would bring in boxes full of receipts, log books, records, papers….etc. I would spend hours sorting it all out. Whew! I hope he's better than most I dealt with!


  3. I've spent some time doing that for the truck, and for the school bus as well. The paperwork is certainly my least favorite part of spending time behind the wheel! 🙂


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