"Holiday Busy-ness"

I haven’t really been hiding.

I have been very busy, however.

I was trucking with Bill for 5 weeks!
It was a wonderful, exciting experience.
 There are upcoming posts about it!

I am still reading & reviewing 
books, too.

My books have been released!
They are available on Amazon, 
and will be on Kindle soon!
about life experiences 
& observations
Children’s book,
about bedtime, 
& “monsters”
I hope you will check them out 
& enjoy them.

As you see, I have been very busy.

But now I am back…

Merry Christmas!
McGuffy Ann,
Maggie P.,
Chloe Jo

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27 thoughts on “"Holiday Busy-ness"

  1. I love this! Life as portrayed by cats… ahhh, to live their lives, in our homes, eh?! Merry Christmas to You, Bill, and the “kids”, McGuffy Ann!
    Super-congrats on the new books too…they are both AWESOME… anyone who hasn't ordered their copies yet should…great reads!!


  2. Welcome back. It's sad that Bill won't be home for the holidays. I'm glad my hubby only does short trips. I love how you told us all your news with the little kitty pics, I especially like the trucking kitty and I'm going to share it with my hubby.


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