30 thoughts on “Santa’s Helper

  1. My father, now deceased, was also a long-haul trucker & almost never home for Xmas. It urns out that most years he'd volunteered for the run, not for the pay bonus, but just because he'd totally lost connection with his family, preferred the road & the women he met at truckstops.
    He unceremoniously walked out on my mother & younger siblings on Xmas day after 31 years of marriage.


  2. Ron, Bill goes when & where he's told. After being in manufacturing for 35 years, and losing not just a job but a career, he reinvented himself. He isn't out there by choice, but rather necessity right now. We have been married 31+ years. It's hard.
    Yes, there are those guys like you mentioned. My dad was like that, but he wasn't a trucker. And there are guys like Bill who is a hard worker & devoted husband. I'm sorry your dad was like that. I understand.


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