I’m Getting There

                                                         McGuffy Ann Morris                                                         
Roads, directions, mile markers, signs, ramps, bridges…we are always moving because that is the way of life. This has long been an inspiration to poets, including myself (see my poetry book, “Weeds”). We rely on maps, GPS, satellites, to help guide us. 
Bill has a satellite GPS in his truck. It speaks the directions to him, giving warnings, telling him which way to turn. I named it Hal, after HAL 9000, the computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. While Hal can show and give directions, even Hal doesn’t know everything down the roads. (“I’m sorry, Dave; I’m afraid I can’t do that.”) There are detours, weather factors, missing signs, construction, accidents, the unexpected, and the unknown. If Bill listened to him exclusively, he could end up off-roading in an 18-wheeler. 
This is life, too. We each must make a journey through life. We come into this world alone, and leave it alone. We may be guided by our parents. We are definitely influenced by our family and peers. We do not travel through life alone; not one of us does. Nevertheless, it is our personal journey to make. No one can make your journey for you. No one can tell you where to go, or how to get there. You find the tools that help you navigate, because you must. If you don’t keep moving, you become a casualty. 
There are times that you may feel lost, and only you can find your way. Sometimes you have to “reconfigure” the route. Even with GPS or navigational devices, you have to use your own senses to find your own way. The fog may move in, or the GPS may be off (Dang it, Hal!). You control the GPS. You control your life. You must focus, and give your undivided attention to your direction and intended destination if you are ever to arrive. 
That’s where I am. I needed some time to “reconfigure” my route with writing, blogging, myself and life. I needed to quiet the road noise. I had to be able to hear my internal GPS. I am getting back behind the wheel. I will finish the race, but I will do it my way. I will listen to my own GPS, and I will turn off the road noise when I need to. I’ll get there.
I hope this year brings smoother roads for everyone. Set your internal GPS, and try to enjoy your journey, your way. Happy trails to you…Godspeed.

                                                          McGuffy Ann Morris

28 thoughts on “I’m Getting There

  1. What a SUPER post for me to read today WOW seriously hit home. i have been struggling with driving our road down to work because of the icy conditions fear has over taken me I have over thunk every possible twist & turn in the travel and it has left me gripped with fear but I need to re-set my confidence/gps and just keep on keeping on. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for this read McGuffy Ann what an angel here on earth you are!!!
    LOVE,HUGS, and I adore you!!!


  2. Moving on to the next post! Ha ha ha! Excellent post, very reflective, and meaningful. We also have a Hal, by a different name, (because she's a woman!) But my hubby and I have a fun game with our GPS we put in a city not too far away, and take the back roads of it, and every now and then turn off in another direction and let our GPS brings to wherever!


  3. Bill's handheld GPS is a woman's voice. After I named the truck GPS Hal, I named the handheld one Hallie. They don't always agree, either. Seriously, a couple of times Hallie was correct, and Hal thought we were in a cornfield. See? You have to use your head, too.


  4. McGuffy Ann!!!

    So so very glad to have seen your post pop up! This is absolutely wonderful in its truth, and I can tell you 100%, I have been there. I love this. Very inspiring to keep 'driving' forward, into the fog, but more slowly to navigate the uncertainty and to TRUST that the road is there under your wheels.

    I was also glad to see your post because it reminded me that I wanted to go get your book, Weeds. You know I have a deep love of poetry. I look forward to treasuring yours!



  5. Glad to see your sense of humor is alive and well … I love the Hal/Dave conversations … This was a novel approach to the road we travel in life and very well written. What ever bumps you have hit in your road, it hasn't dulled your wit or your talent. Glad to see you back …

    Andrea @ FromThe Sol


  6. Thanks, Andrea. Humour is my saving grace, getting me through everything. Hal gives Bill fits constantly; Bill doesn't trust his sense of humour. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them. Yes, I'm getting there.


  7. If you read my post today you saw that I had a similar theme!!!!! How cool is that?? Good luck with the internal GPS—I think it is very important to stop and take stock every so often and it sounds like that is just what you needed!!!! Hugs!


  8. this was a truly amazing post Ann. I can relate so much for I am in the same place…have been for a long time actually. I can't say that I'm getting there just yet, but maybe someday.

    I hope you find your way soon.


  9. Oh cool, sounds fun! I recently got a GPS for my car last Thursday and went on a 10 hour drive through Texas. It was fun to be guided by the gps, but ya it doesn't tell you everything. “watch out for accident up ahead” Would be nice. : )


  10. This is just fabulous! I feel so blessed to have talented and wise bloggers in my community such as yourself. I think many of us probably needed this post – at this time of year – so Thank You!!
    As you know, my kids have been thoroughly enjoying Bedtime Tails — a live game has even been created in its honour! LOL

    The blog post review is up today.

    I am also enjoying Weeds very much – but since I love to savour such sublime poetry, that review isn't quite ready yet.
    Thank you for sharing your insight and your art with your readers!


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