Homeless in Hawaii

At the tender age of seventeen, Elisa leaves her native Utah. Running from her past, she is running into an uncertain future with a man she hardly knows. Together, they end up in Hawaii.
Homeless, they are forced to sleep in a park for homeless people and transients. Elisa and Cade become street musicians, doing what they know. They realize that their chance of survival is greater as a team. This bonds them, and gets them through some very frightening situations.
EC Stilson retains her trademark sense of humour throughout her journey. Her wisdom is hard-won. While some of her choices may be questioned, one must remember that she was seventeen. It may not have been the paradise she imagined, but she grew into the amazing person that she is now.
This is Volume Two of her memoirs. EC Stilson has also written the memoirs: Bible Girl and the Bad Boy, and The Golden Sky. She writes with heart and soul. Her memoirs are honest, open, and she is brave to share them. The reader is privileged to read them.

You can read more from EC Stilson at: http://www.ecwrites.blogspot.com 

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