By Janna McMahan

The reality of homeless people is a mystery, except for those forced to live it. The world of homeless youth is a subculture unlike any other. Along with other horrors, it is filled with abandonment, fear, rejection, mental illness and a relentless hunger of the spirit and flesh.

In this novel, Emily, a young bartender meets Travis, who is a reporter. He is doing an inside investigation of the homeless youth of Austin. Emily becomes his photographer. Together they plan on exposing this underground world.

During the investigation, Emily bonds with Lorelei, a young homeless woman. Lorelei exposes them to the darkness of her world, as well as the reality of her past, with startling results.

Janna McMahon writes a cutting edge, important novel. She understands family relationships and dynamics. In this story she takes it to a new level, with a very clear understanding. She does well to point out that which many turn away from, knowing if we do we cannot help.

4 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. That sounds like a novel that I could get really interested in. I like those kind of gripping reality novels. Something so removed from when I was growing up.

    Thanks for the book review and the trailer.



  2. It sounds like a heart wrenching story that would need a special author to convey the truths and the pain. We have talked about this author before and so my interest is tweaked … think I'll have to read this one:)



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