Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

It is Winter, and very cold!

You have to dress warm,
and wear extra clothes, 
to really “bundle up”.
It’s nice to stay inside, 
warm & cozy, with some 
blankets & a good book.
Because, Baby, it’s cold outside!
Stay safe and warm!

Please keep your “Furkids”, 
and all animals, warm and safe.
Their lives depend upon it!

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for “Cat Thursday”

21 thoughts on “Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

  1. These are wonderful! You know, that's exactly what I keep trying to tell Alice when she constantly tries to run outside, but she can't get it through her head how much more uncomfortable and unsafe she would be outside. I still don't let her out, but she never stops trying to run out. What a brat. LOL! Thanks for that important message though. More people should keep that in mind with their pets.


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