daily dose of dogs

(aka cats with your coffee)

By Chrystal Parker

Chrystal Parker is an animal rescuer. This book is a collection of the stories she has shared on her blog of the same name. The stories are all true, as is Chrystal and her work. She shares her work, a labour of love. She is dedicated to homeless animals and finding them a forever home.

The stories in this book will make you think and feel. They will make you laugh and cry. They will move you, and stay with you. Hopefully, they will inspire you to join in the effort of helping those who cannot help themselves.

Chrystal operates an adoption program called “Winnie’s Wish”, in memory of one of her original rescue cats. She has been successful in adoptions nationwide. Her followers are many.

As a fellow rescuer and advocate, I can identify with Chrystal and her passion for homeless, helpless animals.  I commend her efforts. This is a labour of love, and it is its own reward, to save a life. I hope you will read this book and be inspired to join this mission, even in some small way.

You can visit Chrystal Parker at her blog, daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)

7 thoughts on “daily dose of dogs

    I have two goals in terms of the book. One, the hope that sales will increase and provide a stream of income to continue (expand?) the work. Two, to inspire folks to do any little thing they can to help homeless dogs and cats. Your review tapped right into that. I can't thank you enough!!


  2. I love this book! Thank you so much for your wonderful review, McGuffy Ann. I hope it inspires others to read Chrystal's moving and transformative account of what she does for the homeless animals who cross her path.


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