Wednesday’s Window: Shelter

Factory skids, to hold products for transport

A sparrow, finding shelter inside a skid

These pictures were taken outside a factory in Indiana. After making a delivery, Bill was waiting for unloading to be complete. We were watching the sparrows as they would come and go from their shelter inside the skids. Nature is amazing as it adapts to the world around it, never harming it. If only humans would take a lesson from nature, the world would be a safer place for all living things.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Window: Shelter

  1. Right on Ann. We can learn so much from just watching nature in the wild. Spiders could spin and crochet long before us, and they made sparkly delicate dew beaded necklaces long before we tried our hand at it, birds built their nests with assorted building material before man could build his own shelter.
    I could go on and on.
    Have a beautiful nature day.


  2. What a cutie … he didn't seem to mind you getting close enough to capture his picture … must feel pretty save in his skid. Yes, nature has a lot to teach. Unfortunately not many want to take the time to learn.



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