33 thoughts on “Telemarketers

  1. You know, this is a sore spot with me (and millions of others). Canada has a “do not call” list. I'm on it, my number is active.

    But it doesn't stop call centers in other countries, it doesn't stop calls from charitable organizations, and it doesn't stop calls from survey companies.



  2. Who couldn't relate to this post! Besides the LOL cats which cracked me up, those
    %##**! telemarkets are the bane of my existence. Another week of McGuffy's Great Cat Thursday's …


  3. What a cute blog this is. We came over from Friends Furever. Glad to meet you. We love cats too and love nature. We have two miniature donkeys too. HOpe you have a great day.


  4. Fantastic sequence on those annoying calls. I am going to try to figure out a way to have the cats answer the calls – not like it would help, and if I see a charge on my card, they will definitely have to reimburse me.


  5. We have Do Not Call here in Australia, but charities are exempt. I just assume everyone else is a scammer and hang up. I never used to be that impolite, but they just annoy me so much. I have to be on call for my parents and son's emergencies, so I don't appreciate annoying calls at all hours. My patience is very thin these days.
    Love your pics though. I think Jigglypuff probably has run up the phone bill in the past, but she's very adept at the Internet now. tee hee.


  6. Having once been a telemarketer, I can certainly sympathize with people who have that job, but I was never obnoxious like some of them are. You do better with friendliness and not being pushy, believe me. It makes sense that cats would be telemarketers…they just don't care who they annoy. LOL! Great pics!


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