Wednesday’s Window: NJ

New Jersey

The NJ waterways
Urban reality
An Unloading Dock in a neighborhood,
where Bill had to back down a narrow,
crowded alley, then make a sharp left 
into a narrow, crowded unloading dock.
The picture is taken through the 
front window of the truck.

A NJ payphone (notice the old signs)

NJ wildlife, of the feathered variety

A common NJ scene

We made six deliveries to NJ, 
in two trips, while I was 
trucking with Bill last November.
This is my personal experience
of my time in New Jersey.
I am sorry to say that this 
is not my favourite 
part of the country. 
The traffic, congestion, 
 urban attitude and 
the way of life all leave me 
feeling very sad. 

23 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Window: NJ

  1. I'm with you, I'm not much for urban, prefer the quiet life. Thanks for sharing the pictures, interesting seeing the abandoned materials in the water in the third picture. Sad.

    I've always marveled at how truck drivers navigate their big rigs down little streets and alleys, even in reverse! Better them than me!


  2. I'm with you with disliking urban living. I like wide open spaces where I can turn around without knocking off the car fenders.
    Truck drivers are a special breed of people. I have difficulty backing up my Dodge Caravan where there lots of space, I don't know how they can manoeuvre backing out without even touching the side or back of the truck. It amazes me.



  3. I know NJ was originally The Garden State. It is sad that it has changed so much. Here we love our own or locally grown tomatoes, IL or WI. We usually grow our own, organically. It is interesting what people are used to.


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