"Frenz Furever"

True friends are blessings in life.
From an early age we learn 
to make friends,
 even when they are different.
We learn to accept their differences
as just part of who they are.
We accept the good with the bad,
because we know they will be there,
just as we will be for them.
Friendship grows and can stand
the test of time, if there
 is mutual acceptance & respect.

“A true friend is someone 
who accepts your past, 
supports your present, 
& encourages your future.”

26 thoughts on “"Frenz Furever"

  1. Well, you have done it again … Awesome, Awesome. Love the pictures and how you have connected them to an endearing subject. Thanks, McGuffy Ann…

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. Dear McGuffyAnn, I've been away from reading and commenting on blogs for a long time and so I return to your blog today and find these delightful photographs of cats. Thank you.

    I'm wondering if you've written anything about your book being published. If you have, please send me a URL so I can read it.

    Also, I'm eagerly awaiting the book! Peace.


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