50 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl: Chloe Jo

  1. I bet Chleo Jo is happily purring and wouldn't give her place to no one. She remind me of my Kitty. All black except a tiny white patch under her chin. I miss her still. She was the most amazing cat and like to be vacuumed, silly cat. lol


  2. Oh, that is so sweet. Adam is daddy's boy in our household.

    I just saw your comment above Ann. There is a big gray/white longhair tuxedo that comes to feed at our house. He is a polydactyl. I'm going to have to trap him soon to get him neutered. I hope you find your poly-tuxedo soon!


  3. Poor Dad is surrounded by Mom and three girl cats.Grizelda clings to Mommy, but has quiet time with Daddy. Chloe Jo rules Daddy entirely, and uses Mommy only when sleepy or hungry. (We raised them from 2 days old.) Maggie P. manipulates both of us equally.


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