Wednesday’s Window: MD & DE

I love traveling Pennsylvania.
The roads coming down from the 
Pennsylvania Mountains are steep 
and often treacherous, though. 
Many roads have grades of 6% 
or greater, winding 6% or more 
for up to 13 miles at a stretch. 
“Runaway trucks” have lanes for
regaining control and recovery. 
Maryland reminds rmotorists to
respect our nation’s wildlife. 
The natural beauty of the land is 
obvious to both wildlife and humans.
Maryland has many important waterways,
including ports for international shipping.
Port of Wilmington, Delaware
A very busy international port, with 
high security and strict regulations.
Products are shipped into this port
from all over the world.
Bill often receives produce here for
transport to various warehouses.
Most of his loads are food products, 
which feeds us all.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Window: MD & DE

  1. Dear McGuffy Ann, I found this posting about Pennsylvania roads and Maryland wildlife and Delaware ports and produce so interesting. Thanks for letting us travel with you these many weeks. Peace.


  2. Made me go back in time (again this is Katie Isabella's mommy) as I have been those places, seen them, lived in a few of the areas though I am a Southern woman. Dad moved about here and there. We lived for a space of time in NJ. Henterdon Co. right across the Delaware River from New Hope PA.


  3. Like I said on someone's blog once, I don't travel much but I love traveling sitting in my office chair and tagging along via the computer.
    Thanks for the interesting post.


  4. Very cool seeing the coutry through the eyes of a trucker … makes us appreciate them more. Seems like you took a lot in on your excursion. Much to see, both good and bad. Loving your travelog …



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