Samuel had lived at the retirement home longer than anyone could remember. He said he didn’t need much, had seen it all and been everywhere. 

One night he quietly passed away, alone in his tidy room. It was then that they found his only prized possession, at the bottom of a box in his dresser. 

He was buried with the Purple Heart pinned to the chest of his old Army uniform.

Linked to Lillie McFerrin
for “Five Sentence Fiction”
The Prompt: Purple

21 thoughts on “Samuel

  1. As you've said on my site: “Great minds think alike, or at least similarly.”
    I don't there are not too many topics aside from the PURPLE Heart that most people are going to write about,
    You have “The Color PURPLE” and from our youth “Harold and the PRUPLE Crayon.”
    I felt yours has been quite touching, with total strangers recognizing its importance to Samual and to our country.


  2. This is a tear jerker … I love our Vets. I wish they all got the respect that is due them. Very nice, McGuffy, I still can't get over all of the things you pull out of your brain.



  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your story, McGuffy Ann. I felt drawn into Samuel's uncluttered life, yet wanting to read more as I know he must surely have a potpourri of life stories to share.


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