40 thoughts on “A Snow Storm

  1. Just a bit of snow then :-)Hope you was safe at home with all the supplies that were needed to make snow bearable.
    Today when I went to the shops it was so busy and I commented on it to the cashier.She just smiled and said ''Snow has been forecast!''
    Nothing like a good old bit of panic buying 🙂


  2. Oooh I love the pack of snow on your tree!! It looks beautiful! I hope you still enjoy it, I know it can become too much too often as well. We do have snow in the forecasts but I haven't seen that much yesterday (just a few flakes) and today started off with a blue blue sky. Must admit I loved to see the sun when waking up though 🙂


  3. I hate winter and cold, but it sure makes for some amazing photos doesn't it? love your pic! We have had colder temps the past couple of days and rain threats. Today, it's sunny and almost 70. This weather is horrible. I would rather have days of cold than to have it go back and forth like this. Hope you are well.


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