Danville Sunrise

One of the interesting things about trucking 
is that you can watch a sunrise 
in Danville, Illinois, one morning…
…then another morning watch 
a sunrise in Danville, Ohio…
…and on yet another morning
see a sunrise in Danville, Pennsylvania.
Each place, as each sunrise, is special!

20 thoughts on “Danville Sunrise

  1. Well, I have to say I like the Danville, Illinois sunrise the best. Not just because it is the prettiest :), but because I grew up close to Danville, Illinois and I had a boyfriend in college from there. So you brought back some fine memories:)



  2. Dear McGuffy Ann, you are really traveling the roads. You remind me of so many writers who have written about travel and following the highways of the United States and the roads of Europe.

    The book hasn't come yet. I do so hope you are still going to send it to me for review. Peace.


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