The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society

By Darien Gee

“Scrapbooking” is an active hobby, with several million women in the United States and worldwide participating. Not only does it have sentimental appeal, it is driven commercially.

Clubs have formed, where women come together to share ideas, exchange opinions, also supporting each other in other ways. In some ways, it is like the quilting bees of past generations.

In this heartwarming book, Bettie of Avalon, Illinois, starts a “scrapbooking society”. Her goal is to form a women’s group of common bonds and interests, while preserving memories.

The women who join the scrapbooking club however, may have other things that lead them there. Yvonne has a past that is chasing her. Ava Catalina is a single mother still in mourning. Frances is a young mother of boys, trying to adopt a foreign-born daughter. Isabel is trying to fix a past, including her that of her late father.

Together, with the obvious help of Bettie, each woman finds the courage and support to deal with past and create a future. When tragedy strikes, the group must pull together creating some very unexpected, special things.

This novel reminds us of the importance of preserving memories, and also of making them. This is a beautiful novel of friendship. 

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