Special Angels

Please notice my new angels, in my left sidebar. I adopted them through the Official Cat Blogosphere. I could fill an entire blog with all of the angels I have on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. 

I chose Angel Bob, because he was my first (rescue) cat as an adult. He was a Maine Coon, and bionic. He had many health conditions. As a mom and a vet. tech., we went through a lot together. I lost him at his 8th birthday, 8/8/1980. 

Angel Purrl was a rescue kitten, and my first polydactyl. She was tough, a tomboy, and extremely bright. I lost her at 17 1/2 years, to congestive heart failure. I have shared her story in brief, and how it lead me to my Maggie P. (Maggie & Purrl) Miss Purrl will always be my Girl, too.
Angel Moon is the brother of Grizelda and Chloe Jo. I rescued that motherless  litter of four at two days of age. They were very ill. We kept Grizelda and Chloe Jo. Moon and Willow went to another home. Chloe Jo and Moon had chronic, lingering respiratory problems, though. They remained “babies”, in many ways. Shortly after their second birthday, Moon passed away from complications of pneumonia. (Mr. Moon) A very special little guy, he will forever be in my heart.
You can click on the pictures in the left sidebar, and it will take you to the VSquillion Adoption Shelter. I am so happy to have some of my special angels here at McGuffy’s Reader. I will love them forever, as I do all of those here and at The Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to Gracie, the Shelter Keeper at the Cat Blogosphere for her extra hard work, and to her Mom for helping so much. Hugs.

15 thoughts on “Special Angels

  1. Oh Moon, he still makes me cry … This is a heart string pulling post, but wonderful. We, too, just lost our Maggie(as you know) after 20 years of sweet and adorable with her. It is good to remember those good times.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  2. I could fill a blog, just like my heart. It was hard to choose only three. I wish they all lived to be 20 or more; some of ours have. Purrl almost made it. Bob was only 8. Moon was barely two. It is never long enough.


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