12 thoughts on “Please Check Your Car!

  1. I've always heard that and nearly always think of it in the wintertime. Not so much here in the desert though. I just heard on some program this morning that the airport in Denver is having that happen with rabbits in the winter. So sad. These poor little four legged wonders with no homes. Makes me teary. If I could, I'd take them all in.


  2. I used to think that with the car in the garage it was safe, but maybe not … I will start checking. Your car was in the garage when your mousy moved in … and I have had squirrels get in the garage. Good thought McGuffy Ann. Thanks for keeping us on our toes.



  3. We are in SC and it is chillier than usual for this time of year. We have been parking in the condo parking lot next to a construction dumpster and every time we come in there are 5 or 6 cats hanging around so we have been very aware that we need to check the car before we take off. Great reminder for everyone!! Thanks!


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