Animals Impacting the World

By Dinah Roseberry & Mary Gasparo

This is a fascinating book emphasizing the powerful link between animals and the world around them. There are thirty three stories telling of powerful, often unexplained bonds and  unexpected results.

Autistic children considered unreachable have been helped by relationships with animals. In fact, research has shown that autistic adults have been, as well. This book explores “cat ladies” and the bond between them and their cats, often referred to as their babies. I think many will find interest in this, as many may be able to identify with this feeling. From running with wolves to swimming with dolphins, this book covers many fascinating connections and experiences. It offers a wide variety of lessons in animal species and creatures.

Written by paranormal experts and animal communicators, the insight is genuine and deep. Dinah Roseberry, a paranormal expert, has a lifelong love of animals leading her to research their psychic connections. She has written several books. Mary Gasparo also has an interest and history in the paranormal. She is also an animal communicator, having worked with many kinds. She is a cat rescuer, as well. The history in their chosen fields is lifelong and dedicated. 
This is a book for all who believe that animals are an integral, essential part of life. If you have ever had a special experience or connection with an animal, please read this book. If you have not, I definitely recommend this book.

20 thoughts on “Animals Impacting the World

  1. It's 5:30a.m. but I'm still stopping this blog reading and going out to find that book right now. Thanks for the review. I always have known animals contribute much more than 'some' mere humans believe they do.


  2. Great find, McGuffy. This will be a difinate read for me. I love just the idea of the connection with animals and feel like I have it with mine and maybe even the raptors I have worked with. Thanks …


  3. That sounds like a really good book. I am also interested in the paranormal. I believe animals share very special bonds with their people; they are truly angels with fur 🙂


  4. I love books like these. I'll have to add this one to my shelves. I honestly believe my sweet old dog (now deceased) could read my mind and could count. He always knew when it was Friday. He'd always get up early and nudge me awake. Friday was the day he rode to work with me and even when he could barely walk and was a bit ditzy (to say the least) he'd still nudge me every Friday. Oh how I miss that crazy old dog.


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