World’s Largest Truck Stop

Welcome to Iowa! 
 Home of the 
“World’s Largest Truck Stop”,
the I 80 Truck Stop
is located on I 80, at Exit 284,
in Walcott, Iowa.
Built in 1964 by Standard Oil, it was
taken over a year later by Amoco.
In 1992, it became part of
Truckstops of America (TA).
They offer a huge trucker’s store, a
chrome shop, large service bays,
various restaurants, showers
and many other amenities.
 There is a “Super Truck Show Room”,
where you can see highly detailed trucks
inside their own trucking museum.
The I 80 TA also has an annual
“Truckers Jamboree” to celebrate both
truckers and the trucking industry.
The “I 80” is not just a truck stop,
it is an experience.

Linking to Our World Tuesday #78

29 thoughts on “World’s Largest Truck Stop

  1. Sounds like fun, I like the idea of the museum, that sounds awesome. I'll have to stop in next time I pass through that way. How many times have you stopped into Wall Drug? or Little America?!


  2. Wow it sounds interesting. I had a aunt and her and her husband would just travel around staying at truck stops. He had been a trucker. She told amazing stories. I wonder if she was ever there. It is something to see I bet.


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