She sits in the rocker passing the years,
soothing away heartaches, illness, and fears.
In it she has rocked hundreds of miles,
and turned hundreds of frowns into countless smiles.
Whenever something was dreadfully wrong
Granny would hold them and sing them a song.
Run to Granny, climb into her lap,
the ideal place for a peaceful nap.
But, now they’re all gone with lives of their own,
and Granny sits and rocks alone.
Age and time have now taken ahold,
so she rocks a lot slower since she’s grown old.
Soon the rocker will slow then cease to rock,
and Time will stand still on Granny’s clock.

                                    ~poem by McGuffy Ann Morris
                                                  photo by Photobucket

for “Sunday Mini-Challenge~14-Liners”

32 thoughts on “Granny

  1. What a touching poem! I love the thought of grandmothers rocking their grandchildren in rockers. May they always remember! Ha, I don't have a rocker but I spend a lot of time 'rocking' my granddaughter in my own way; and I hope some day she looks back and remembers! (Actually I am sure she will.)


  2. Your poetry is always impeccable. Love this story as I do remember being rocked by my Grandmother. I am intrigued as to how you made it come out with exactly 14 lines and still got your whole story in … hmmmm, does it just happen or do you make it happen:)
    Love it!

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  3. Very evocative to me. I hadn't the privilege of a grandmother like that but I wish to BE one like that. Life progresses and grandma is loved still I feel sure but she is left behind in the swirl of a young busy life. Sad but realistic.


  4. There is really only a short time we can be rocked in a loving lap – hopefully we never forget the tender loving care. Let's hope Granny is not alone, just has an empty lap these days. Truly a perfect topic for a sonnet.


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