Roadside Illinois

“Land of Lincoln”
December 3, 1818,
21st state
Some trucking scenes from Illinois…
Northwest Illinois farm
Central Illinois farm

Southern Illinois farm
Illinois River Bridge,
William H. Dietrich Memorial Bridge
Beardstown, IL
The Illinois River
The Effingham Cross
at Highways 57 & 70,
Effingham, Illinois
“World’s Largest Cross”
Built in 2001, the cross is
198 feet tall and 113 feet wide, 
& forged from 180 tons of steel.

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20 thoughts on “Roadside Illinois

  1. Lovely photos and my favorite part is no snow! I grew up in Michigan and now have spent more years growing up In Minnesota and I have traveled through here many times! One of my fave tucked away pleasures is Galena!


  2. Sadly, I mislead you. We get lots of snow. These were taken a couple of months ago, when I went with Bill on a trucking trip. In fact we have 6″ of snow coming today. Illinois does have some nice areas, but I love the North Woods the best!


  3. Living in Illinois all of my life I have always looked to other places I wanted to go because I never though Illinois was a pretty place. Then, when I started with photography and honed my appreciation for the simpler things, I began to see the beauty in my own state. We do have a little of everything … and what is more peaceful than a quiet farm scene with animals grazing and “amber waves of grain” as we say. Great picture, ye who claims to not have any photographic talent …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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