Snow More

We have had a lot of snow lately,
over one foot just this week!
Most everyone loves the beginning 
of Winter and the magic of snow.
However, there are some who do not.
It is cold and wet, and makes life difficult.
Snow can be a lot of work! 
Sometimes it seems just there is no end.
Here’s hoping Spring will be here soon!

29 thoughts on “Snow More

  1. We had the biggest snow storm of the year yesterday here in Ottawa. But enough already. It slows down traffic and waiting for someone to make it home in one piece is stressful. City driving in the snow is awful.

    Stay safe and warm



  2. I am guessing Bill is in full agreement with your assessment of winter, snow and the coming of Spring. And, I too, second that motion! Very cute, especially the first picture.

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  3. Nope. Bill is a trucker. To him it is just another day, another challenge. Real truckers, over the road truckers especially, just deal with whatever it takes to get the load there, safely and on time. He loves the challenge.


  4. Yes, me too. I worry most about domestic animals, because we have altered their genetics by domestication. But I worry about wild animals just because I care. Thanks for following! I will over to “see” you!


  5. It's so hot here, and we are getting little relief, I bet you envy me as much as I envy you. I've never had snow. Everyone probably enjoys it to begin with, but then it becomes a bit much. At least that's what my brother in law tells me (he's in London).
    All the kitty pictures are so cute.


  6. Good pics 😀

    The first part of winter, we didn't get much snow but lately we've been getting dumped on. I live in an apartment so my cat doesn't have to deal with snow as he's strictly indoors.


  7. We moved from Chicago last May to to the sunny state of Florida just so we didn't have to put up with snow and ice.

    Did that last cat turn into a zombie cat because of the snow? LOL

    Have a great weekend!



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