The social worker told her it would be weeks before she would receive assistance. Leaving the county office, she wondered what she would do until that time. She had babes to feed, including the one still growing inside of her. 

Tired and defeated, she put her hungry, little children into the decrepit old car. On the long ride home, the only sound was empty stomachs.

The Prompt: Empty

37 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Ann, that's so simple and yet so touching – similar yet a direct contrast to my story this week.

    It takes a lot to defeat a mother which makes you feel this is the end of a story rather than a begining.


  2. Your FFS endeavor for this week really hits hard as it states a sad reality that we face in many areas of this country everyday. A reality which creates obstacles in the way as we try to help those in dire need of help; and leaving those who are in need of this help feeling empty and all alone.


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