20 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. I so agree with you. There is something so special about bridges…especially the covered ones. We went to San Fran last year, I couldn't take my eyes off the Golden Gate Bridge she is so beautiful too.


  2. Bridges are so necessary but costly to upkeep now a days, especially the long ones. We just had ours repaired and it cost in the millions and took over a year to repair.



  3. We share in our love of bridges … no two alike, though similar structures. They all serve the same purpose, as you said, to connect. Tell, Julia, that most bridges in our country are not getting fixed … a sad and inexcusable truth. Perhaps we won't always be able to be connected 😦 Love your pictures as always …



  4. Mario's mom here. Now I love the old fashioned covered bridge. But I'm a little afraid of those big steel structures that go way up in the sky before coming down on the other side. We have one of those and I avoid it as much as possible.


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