47 thoughts on “Cat & Author

  1. Hi Mac ~~ I like this picture of Twain. Along with the saying overwritten it is great. He is one of my favorites. I haven't become serious yet with reading my new to me old 50¢ book containing his Innocents Abroad letters from Europe to the newspapers. It sits on my coffee table looking important.


  2. To think back, I didn't like cats when I was growing up. I was a product of my environment. But, once one adopts you as their human, it's a life changing experience. Yes, cat's are extremely intelligent. They really open up when you are patient and show them kindness. And, they are all unique in their own subtle and not so subtle ways. Now, I understand and appreciate them.


  3. I never saw this quote of Mark Twain, but I've often felt the same about cat lovers. One of the things I like most about cats, is their unwavering independence… in contrast to man's best friend. I've lived with cats all my life, and though I've had some very good friendships with other animals, it's cats I feel most at home with.


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