We each have a fence around us,
to each their own, to protect us,
to mark our space in the world
often keeping others out.
We see the grass, seemingly
greener than our own, 
albeit an illusion tempting us 
to go beyond our enclave.
A fence cannot protect us  
from the harsh winds or 
coldness of the world.
It is then that we build 
brick walls.

~McGuffy Ann Morris

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46 thoughts on “Barriers

  1. Ah yes, it is often hard to escape the big bad wolf and his huffing and puffing ….but when we do, life is good! The beginning of your poem is a question I asked myself yesterday, why is it that we/I sometimes run from someone or something?


  2. So well said. We do build fences around ourselves for protection. Fortunately, sometimes we do meet others we feel safe with and can go beyond our barriers. Once again, you've written a very profound, touching poem. Love your work!


  3. It is said that fences make good neighbors and that might be true, but walls are best torn down whenever possible, and we can, if we work at it. My grass is brown, but it is still home and I love my life here. A patch of green would be nice though! Fortunately, my neighbors' all look the same. 🙂


  4. There is a time walls must be built. Sometimes they are shelter. If a wall serves no purpose, it should be taken down. There is a time and purpose for everything. And only we can decide that.


  5. I love it that you are an animal advocate and rescuer. Bless you for that! I enjoyed this poem……….I've been watching a very humorous Turf War with encroaching fences and barriers between the two neighbors across the street. Marking their territory. Hee hee. This poem made me think of them.


  6. I love walls, especially the dry-stone walls that prevail in the area where we live.

    We have a 20 foot high stone wall on one side, actually the wall of a 14th century monastery and you can still see where the gothic windows once were. I love it. No prying eyes, except from the ghostly monks 🙂
    Pity it doesn't keep the neighbours' cats out, who climb like panthers.


  7. How we protect ourselves, very thorough, M.A. Yet that fence does not do all, we need other types of devices. I hope that I never become 'a harsh wind or a coldness' to you.


  8. It was my job to build real fences for my aunt as a teenager for my aunt to hide all of what she considered her husbands junk. Some of us just can't stop at psychological fences…lol. A sharp point and a great write. Loved it.


  9. Yes, we need some boundaries for safety from harm. But I do believe that as we learn to trust and open our hearts, we receive love and warmth. Don't build walls so high, out of fear, that it prevents you from connecting. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


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