Cats & Daughters

They Don’t Always Come when Called
By Helen Brown
This book follows Helen brown’s memoir, Cleo, the wonderful memoir of the cat who healed her family during a time of many changes. Cleo was a very “persnickety” cat, and just what they needed.
Now Cleo is gone. Many believe that once a pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, it will send you a pet that you need. Here comes Jonah! She wonders if high-energy Jonah is the answer, as he is very different than Cleo had been!
Helen’s son is getting married and starting his own life and family. Her daughter is beginning a questionable quest of her own (a Buddhist nun), much to Helen’s concern. Helen, herself, has serious health issues, facing breast cancer. Life is chaotic and filled with a whole new set of very real challenges.
This new memoir is another wonderful book by Helen Brown. It is genuine and honest. Cat fanciers will especially enjoy Jonah and his own way of healing, just as Helen did.

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