Look at the birds…
see what secrets they tell.
I leave offerings of
cornbread for them,
but when I advance
they flee.
You also flee 
when I approach.
I wonder if it is me,
or what I offer.  
~McGuffy Ann Morris~
Image: Photobucket

Linked to: Poet’s United 
Word Prompt: Reaction

42 thoughts on “Cornbread

  1. I love cornbread and I love to eat so I never flee when someone offers me something to eat.
    I love the unusual photo background and the perched birds.
    Have a pleasant day.


  2. This is poetry at it's very best McGuffy Ann… beautiful words, deep thoughts, simplicity of form. I love this, and it is so very true, we all ponder what we have to offer and what attracts us to others. I love cornbread, but chocolate works even better! 😉 I'm pleased you are sharing this at Poets United, you are in good company there and this is definitely the quality that is valued by the other poet/contributors!


  3. …sometimes even we still have cornbread on our hands, birds will just fly away for whatever reason/s. Not because what you have is not good but there is a lot of things that might be tempting them to go away. We cannot control the other side, we can only control ourselves.

    Keep making your seeds better, and, for sure, at the right time, the right bird will stay and you will never be a stranger to him anymore… wonderful offering… i enjoyed it..



  4. In answer to one of your comments … the birds are thinking “you are a preditor … I am out of here!” Often that is true of others who offer things. We learn to be weary … and we also learn to know who we can count on. Deep thoughts … a special part of your gift.



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