The Weight of Small Things

By Sherri Wood Emmons
There are many forms of love. In this novel, the resilience of love is both evident and sustaining, however fragile it may be.  
This is a novel of two very different women who are longtime friends. Though they lead very different lives, their bond is a constant acceptance and strength for each woman.
Corrie has had a difficult childhood, but has risen above it all to marry a successful attorney. It is not the life she once planned, but it is a very good life. The one thing missing is a much desired baby.
Bryn is a free spirit in a longtime relationship with someone who will never offer her stability. Suddenly that is exactly what she finds she needs. She must make serious decisions for her future, and who it will involve.
Their friendship deepens to a new level as they find themselves in an unusual kind of role reversal. They are drawn even closer together to figure things out in new ways.
A college reunion brings Corrie face to face with her past. The love of her life returns, and he is looking for her. Abruptly leaving town many years before broke Corrie’s heart, affecting her forever. Now that he is back, she is faced with serious soul searching.
The characters in this novel are tightly woven and very human. Their plights, emotions, choices and decisions are all very genuine. The reader is immediately drawn into their world.
Sherri Wood Emmons delivers another novel of real situations and characters that you can believe in, hope for and care about. She is a gifted author. I have read every one of her novels, from her first. I look forward to each novel, and am always very pleased with her work. I highly recommend her books.  

9 thoughts on “The Weight of Small Things

  1. I am fascinated by the curves life throws at us, how “the way things are” can be turned completely upside down, and roles can reverse in unexpected ways. This story sounds really well done, exploring the complexities of love and friendship. I know I'd like it!


  2. This book comes out today! She is one of my favourite authors. I have followed her since her first book, when she was a new author. I love her books. I highly recommend all of them.


  3. Dear McGuffy Ann, thanks so much for letting us know about this book. Your review of it helps me know that I'd enjoy reading it. I'm mostly a reader of mystery novels and you wove in so deftly the mystery of what's going to happen to these two women. Thank you. Peace.


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