Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans

By Joanne DeMaio
Maris Carrington has life figured out. She is a successful denim designer, in the fast paced city of Chicago. Then she is called home to the East Coast to settle her father’s estate and it changes everything, including Maris.
Maris finds long-forgotten home movie, changing the way she sees things now. Taking custody of an old dog while reconnecting with old friends also causes her to rethink her life and herself.
Maris wonders if the life she created is as important as the one she once had. She finds herself torn, and weighing the two lives. She also finds herself more aware of the lives of those around her, comparing her own life to theirs.
The lives we create and the things that bring us there are part of who we are. Some of this may be fate, but some of it is choice based upon who we are and what we want. It is our own personal purpose to piece it all together.
Joanne DeMaio has written another beautiful novel that addresses these issues with heartfelt emotion. Her characters are believable and authentic to the story. This is a very comfortable book, like denim and a mug of good coffee. 

Please visit Joanne DeMaio on her webite, and on her Facebook author page. Her books are available through Amazon.

Joanne DeMaio

5 thoughts on “Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans

  1. This sounds like a good one. Real life is full of such conflicting pulls, to stay where we are at, to make changes, and what it is that we want most. I like stories that address issues familiar to most of us!


  2. Hi McGuffy Ann, Thanks so much for the thoughtful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and like how you compared the experience to the comfort of denim and coffee – love that blend! I appreciate your being a part of the tour …



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