Meet My Bill

Bill is my husband of almost 32 years. We met in 1977, and became friends right away, though our friendship grew over the next four years. We eloped on June 6th, 1981, later having our marriage blessed.

When I first met Bill he was playing lead guitar. I walked into his apartment with friends, and was captivated immediately. He was friendly, sweet and I felt comfortable with his welcoming ways, not to mention that he was adorable.
As I got to know Bill we both realized we enjoy much of the same things: sports, fishing, nature, animals, and more. We shared life goals, morals and values. We are not identical, but we share everything. Loyalty, honesty and commitment are things we both take seriously.

Bill grew up on the South Side of Chicago. I am a North-Sider. If you know Chicago, this says a lot, in itself. Even the way we speak is different. The North-Sider tends to enunciate very clearly, while South-Siders tend to speak very casually. The infamous Mayor Daley was a South Sider. To me, this made Bill that much more colourful (and he is).

Bill attended the schools of Chicago’s South Side during a difficult time, the late 60s-early 70s. He went on to gain some college, eventually forging a career in manufacturing. Starting as a machine operator, he worked his way through Inspection, Engineering, and ultimately Sales. After over thirty years in this field, he was laid off during the most recent “Recession”. Manufacturing being out-sourced to other countries has hit the U.S. very hard in many ways.

Not one to sit still, Bill reinvented himself. He followed his father’s footsteps into trucking. He went to school, and got his CDL with all of the credentials; Bill never does anything halfway. He wanted to contribute to society, being part of the solution, not part of the problem. He has an excellent record as an over-the-road trucker. He follows the rules of the road, as well as those of trucking. He takes his job and safety very seriously, because it is.

When not trucking, Bill still plays guitar. He is an extremely talented guitar player, learning at age eight. Bill has been in various bands over the years. While he is mainly a lead guitar player, he is also a talented rhythm player and bass player. He can read music and play by ear. A true musician, he understands music theory.
Being raised half-Hungarian, he can play polkas and classics. His love however is Classic Rock, Classic Country, and Rockabilly. His trucker dad was a musical influence. Bill’s dad had grown up a country boy, raising chickens in southern Illinois. He was a great influence to Bill in many ways, including musical tastes such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.

Bill has a great love of nature and wildlife. He has helped me save many animals over the years. He has learned the ropes, both supporting and assisting me in my endeavours. Not raised with animals, he grew to love them. He has a real soft spot for all critters. Cats had to grow on him, as his family was not cat-friendly. I refer you to his comment on my recent “Cat & Author” Mark Twain post:

Having a deep compassion for every living thing, Bill is also an excellent gardener, with an extremely green thumb. He can grow anything, and has saved many plants, too. His respect for all things in nature runs deep.

In other areas, Bill bowled on a league for many years, even bowling a perfect game. His team came in first place more than a few times. He also is a fan of football, and NASCAR. Bill is indeed a “good old boy”. He is decent, honest, funny, sweet and has a heart of gold. 

A very favourite past time is fishing, when he can find the time. We always compete on this level, as to who can catch the biggest, baddest fish. It is our hope to spend our “Golden Years” fishing and soaking in nature.

This is just a brief “pondering” on my Bill. So, when you see a trucker, think of Bill. He is a real guy, with morals and values, just doing his job to the best of his ability. He also has someone at home who loves him and is waiting for him.
with Brenda Youngerman
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54 thoughts on “Meet My Bill

  1. Yes, actually, you are correct. There were some girlfriends who were a problem. Bill is unshakable, a rock. Our trust is complete.We just have the same basic morals, honesty, values & respect…and love. Thanks!


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