Self-appointed master of eternity, he attracts them with artificial enlightenment.

He offers promises of immortality, and unimaginable otherworldly riches. Desperately seeking his intangible truth, they choose to believe what they are told. 

With blind trust they never see the dangers of inevitable death. Drawn to his artificial light, they are as moths to a proverbial flame.

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Word Prompt: Flame

Image: Photobucket

18 thoughts on “"Flame"

  1. Powerful and so very true. I have witnessed charismatic charlatans on a very personal level, and am amazed at their ability to draw in those desperate for something to cling to. You are right… the moth clings to the flame and it dies. Very well written, your words make their mark, leaving nothing unsaid without great elaboration! Excellent take on the prompt, McGuffy Ann!


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