Celebrate Poetry

April is National Poetry Month. I would like to share my poetry book,  “Weeds” with you. In my poetry I share both experiences and observations. 

As the covers states, weeds come in many varieties and forms. They can be dangerous, or seemingly harmless. Weeds will always be there, if only to value what is truly important. There also comes a time to weed out our lives, sorting through to find the value. That is what I do in my book.

Some of you are familiar with my poetry. I want to thank those who have read my book. I invite you all to check out my poetry book, “Weeds”. I hope that it will speak to you.

40 thoughts on “Celebrate Poetry

  1. Oh McGuffy Ann…you have your own poetry book? That is fabulous. One day, you will have to teach me how to make my own poetry book. And April is National Poetry Month…you tell me that now after I spent a month writing Limericks?! BOL Oh dear, now what will I do….


  2. I used to read poetry when I was young and now that I'm ancient, I rarely read poetry anymore.
    There never seem to be enough time to read since I've been blogging.

    I'm wishing you great success at selling your books. Congratulations on being published.


  3. I'm so glad you posted about this, McGuffy Ann. It's a good reminder to me to purchase Weeds! I read a sample on Amazon, and really enjoyed it, and found it to be very thought and emotion-evoking. 🙂


  4. Oh, congratulations! I, too, really like the cover, and I hope you have terrific success with it, in every way.

    BTW, re: your comment on my latest post: I've never been to a Catholic service, but I suspect there's not a lot of difference, at least not for a communion service. It was surprising how much I remembered (reciting various prayers, responses, the Creed, etc.). But it was A LOT noisier than services of my memory. People came and went the entire time, it seemed. And I was keenly aware that I feel more connected to “god” when I'm spending time with trees and flowers (i.e. nature). 🙂


  5. We should trade books! I think I would love your poetry.

    I did not get an ISBN for mine, just had a limited number of copies printed, I forgot all about getting it reprinted and setting it up for e-readers for poetry month…


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