The Drowning House

By Elizabeth Black
Clare Porterfield has made a successful life for herself. As a photographer, she is invited back to her hometown of Galveston, Texas for an exhibition. Reeling from a family tragedy and unraveling marriage, she takes refuge in the offer to reconnect with the comfort of familiarity there.

In revisiting the past, Clare is able to reexamine her own past, as well as research her family history. She is seeking answers involving her family’s connection to a longtime influential family, the Carradays.

Clare is intrigued by the unusual drowning of Stella Carraday, who drowned in the family home during the Great Hurricane of 1900. She had drowned hanging by her hair from the chandelier. The unusual circumstances have long been a mystery. Now Clare’s curiosity grows, drawing her into a dark and unsettling past.

This dark mystery tells some of the history of Galveston, while telling the stories of two families. A fascinating and well developed suspense novel, it is one not to be missed.  

3 thoughts on “The Drowning House

  1. Suspense novels are not my normal reading fare, but this one definitely intrigues me, in part because it's set in Galveston, but also from the historical connection. You review the best books, McGuffy Ann! 🙂


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