The Garden

I enjoy a walk through the garden at Mayo 
Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona. It is a serene, quiet,
beautiful place to walk, sit, relax and reflect.
The circular walkway takes you through 
the garden, with benches at different points
along the way. The natural desert scenery
attracts various wildlife, as well as people. 

Prickly Pear cactus.

Barrel Cactus  

A Cactus Wren nest, Arizona’s state bird. 

A Whiptail Lizard
A waterfall that attracts small wildlife.

Transformation of the Shaman
She is an inspiration for me,
and I am sure countless others.
This garden is a place of peace;
Mayo Clinic is a place of hope.

18 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. Your pictures are wonderful … oh, I remember so well. Your words are fitting … Peace and Hope. Yes, you and many other's have found both in that Garden. Nice post …



  2. I just adore the desert, and was able to visit first hand when my grandfather was alive and living there. The prettiest and most peaceful time was to stand on his property and look out across the desert during sun rises and sun sets. Just a golden memory now.


  3. Mario's mom here – I've never been to AZ, but it has great beauty in it's own way. Thank you for sharing those great pictures with us – horrible weather here today, so to see flower blooming really brightens up our day. Hope you got some answers.


  4. I hope to never have to go there but if I do I will be able to see the beauty around it. Arizona is a good place to be. We're in Branson MO right now waiting for the weather in Wisconsin to become more manageable before we head north.


  5. How exquisite with such lovely blooming cacti. It struct me as I was looking at this that cacti and coral reefs have a lot in common with all the different shapes and sizes. Have a great weekend, janet


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