The People

They danced with the Spirit in the temple of earth.
Their dance was the prayer of nature’s rebirth.
Communing with creatures, sharing one space,
brother and sister each had their place.
Then they were forced to leave their lands,
and left with open, empty hands
begging for what the Spirit gave,
clinging to earth they fought to save.

~McGuffy Ann Morris~

In honour of Earth Day 
& those who honour Earth

42 thoughts on “The People

  1. Truly awesome … I love this one. I love the poetry and I love the message. We should remember how we broke the Earth's stewards leaving them to struggle and leaving the earth's magic to slowly decline. Hear, Hear, McGuffy Ann …



  2. It's a wintry earth day for me today, with another snow storm to arrive this afternoon. So very odd mother nature this year, in so many places. Snow is more of a gift then flooding I guess, but… hmm! Google did manage to celebrate Earth day with a fun working offering, you should check it out.


  3. !!! HAPPY EARTH DAY, Ms. MAC !!!

    This one hits hard where it hurts.
    Excuse? It was our ancestors that did it to their ancestors.
    Can it be rectified? Try treating every day as Earth Day.


  4. Indians were always fighting other tribes. Not every Indian was peaceful and some had horrible tribal cultures – awful to women, cruel to other Indian tribes. And if it hadn't been us, it would have been someone else. But, I do wish we had been able to uphold and honor treaties, respect others who were different from ourselves.


  5. McGuffy, a true tribute to indigenous peoples the world over. Honoring the earth instead of raping it, a noble way of life. Euro-centric peoples, so far removed from Mother Africa, seem to have gotten cranky and greedy with the colder climes and decided to make the earth and its peaceful inhabitants pay.

    And I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm a Mayflower descendant. But I know whereof I speak, too… Excellent Earth Day commentary, and I loved, loved the graphic as well. Peace, Amy


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