When She Was Gone

By Gwendolen Gross

Linsey Hart is seventeen. She has a life ahead of her when she disappears the day before she is supposed to leave for college. After her disappearance, her family and neighbours recall the events that they observed before she went missing.

Her boyfriend is grief stricken as he gets himself ready to leave for college. Linsey’s mother, already considered unusual, goes from house to house, seeking her daughter. One elderly bachelor neighbor was the last to see her alive, while another neighbor woman is trying to conceal an affair. An eleven year old boy in the neighbourhood makes it his mission to solve the mystery of Linsey’s disappearance.

Secrets, resentments, opinions and judgments all come to light as the residents of the neighbourhood struggle with the tragedy of the missing girl. The stress of the situation could push them together or ultimately tear them all apart.

The dynamics of the residents in this neighbourhood are interesting. Each character has their own set of issues. The way they deal with their own lives, and interact within the neighbourhood adds to the layers of the mystery.

This is another well written and complex novel by author Gwendolen Gross.

5 thoughts on “When She Was Gone

  1. Okay, Now I am curious. I may have to read this one. Love a good mystery and with human nature mixed in, I'm thinking this would be a good read. Thanks, McGuffy …



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