Meet Stella!

We are very happy to introduce you to Stella, our newest family member.  Stella is a three year old purebred Bi-Black Shetland Sheepdog. We adopted her through a Sheltie Rescue organization. We are so happy to finally have her Home with us.

We have had several Shelties through the years, and admit we have a special fondness for them. Three years ago we lost Wiley and then Maisie, who were sisters. We lost them within a couple of months of each other. They were sixteen years old.

Polly, our elderly coydog, was left to be an only dog for two years. We wanted her to be able to  have our undivided attention. After losing her last Spring, at over 17 years of age, we were devastated. I had been a dog owner for 43 years, and greatly missed that bond. Bill loves dogs, as well. Our family was missing an important part.

We did not feel it was time to adopt, as too much was going on and our hearts were too broken. We knew that when the time was right, the right dog would be there. We talked about different scenarios from puppies to rescue.

I have been following Sheltie Rescue for a couple of years, and suddenly there was Stella. As soon as I saw her photo, I  felt a connection. I read her story, and knew she was our dog. Stella was being treated for heartworm.  (*The shaved area on her back, now growing back, is where the heartworm treatment was given.) I told Bill, and showed him her photo. He felt the same way as I did. We applied for her adoption, and were immediately approved. She is recovering well, so we waited for her medical release.

Our first Sheltie was a rescue. Hope was very elderly when we adopted her. She had heartworm, as well as many other serious health problems. We successfully had her treated, and she lived out her final years with us. We understand the importance of heartworm preventative and the seriousness of treatment.

Stella officially came Home to join our family this weekend. She truly completes our family. She is now getting used to our home, family, her new “cat sisters”, and a routine. She is sweet, gentle, and a perfect “love”. We are blessed. 

So, meet Stella! She is the newest member of our family and McGuffy’s Reader. You will seeing a lot of her here, along with Maggie P., Grizelda & Chloe Jo, of course. 


28 thoughts on “Meet Stella!

  1. Hi Stella. You sure are a beautiful girl. I know you'll be taken very good care of too. I just know it.

    You are so right about our babies. Our Little Bit is a rescue dog that chose me. She's been a wonderful companion and we get her the greatest care.

    Have a woof woof day Stella. My best to your new parents. ☺


  2. All my best for your newest family member. Yes, it does take time to get your heart in the right place so that it opens up with pure joy to accept a love into your life. So happy to hear that has once again happened for your family. Enjoy Stella, I know she will ever be grateful to her new family.


  3. I just couldn't be happier for you, Bill, the feline kids, and especially for Stella! She has truly won the lottery in the world of pet rescue/adoption! She is the prettiest little thing! I know she will thrive under your loving care, and that she will bring so much joy to yours. Can't wait to see lots more pictures as she settles into her new home and family! I am a firm believer that the right things come to us, and this looks like the perfect love match! ENJOY HER!


  4. Con-cat-ulations! What a wonderful story, and it's so nice to learn more about your history with animal companions. Thank you for your wisdom at how and when to adopt.

    I guess Stella has her work cut out for now–herding cats!


  5. Stella is a beautiful dog and she has won both your hearts and I hope the other three feline members of your family as well. What a lucky dog.
    Wishing her a long happy life with you and the family.


  6. Awww…Stella is a pretty girl! 🙂 We had a boy Sheltie for 12 years, and his name was Poco. We loved him so much! He got sick and died from a blood problem. We missed him a lot.

    I hope Stella will be a blessing to you. Congratulations!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


  7. I have had the privilege of meeting Stella face to face and she is everything Annie says and more … she is so sweet and loving, you just want to hug her(but, she prefers tummy rubs which is even better in my book). Congratulations to Annie, Bill, The Kitty Crew and Stella on their new life together.


  8. Thank you so much for introducing us to Stella. I too have had times when I thought I wouldn't want a pet ever again… after a beloved animal friend died. But relationships with animals have always added something very beautiful and special to my life.


  9. Stella is so beautiful. Mom says that she has never seen a black and white sheltie before. What a lovely complete family you now have. Big hugs for Stella as well as our regular purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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