The Only Buddha in Town

By Alanna Maure & Matt Benacquista

This is the spiritual journey of Alanna Maure. The Buddha is the voice deep within, your personal spiritual guide.

Spanning a wide array of life scenarios and topics, Alanna takes you through reasoning and sorting to make sense of it all. She uses equal parts of common sense and wit. 

Humour can go a long way in getting through situations with a good attitude. It can bring people together instead of pushing them apart in times of stress.

Ultimately, Alanna reminds us we are all human, and share this thing called “Life”.

10 thoughts on “The Only Buddha in Town

  1. This sounds like one I need to read … I think my inner Buddha is taking a nap. Anyway … good review and remind me to look for this one next time we go to the book store 🙂



  2. This sounds interesting and like there might be something good to learn from it, thanks for the review, McGuffy Ann!

    I delighted to see that Stella now joins the ranks of family photos on your page, the perfect addition to your furkid clan!

    And thank you for hanging in there with my on my A-Z posts, I appreciate that! I have a lot of catching up to do on everyone else's blog!


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