Be Kind to Animals Week

We share this earth with many species and kinds of animals. The reality is that it is their home as well as ours.  We should remember every day to be kind, not only to each other but to all living beings. Please take the time to be kind to animals, especially this week. Perhaps it will become a habit, a way of life. I truly hope so. Animals don’t ask for much, but add so much to the world around us…and our own if we allow them to.

Be Kind to Animals  

15 thoughts on “Be Kind to Animals Week

  1. I so agree with this, animals are part of our world, they have their place and we need to respect that. The older I become, the more I appreciate their existence. If we live in harmony with each other, how peaceful our existence would be. I have two ducks and a rabbit, never had any idea what wonderful creatures they are.


  2. I love just about all of them…well, no I guess I love all of them. Im happy to hear its be kind to animals week…its always that week in our house but now it will be extra special. I love the bear pic!


  3. This is one habit I'm glad to claim, it's a good one. It is beyond me how some people cannot see that animals are as much connected to us and our lives as are people. We are all family, kindness is the only acceptable path. Beautiful reminder, McGuffy Ann!


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