A Baby Turtle

We had over 9 inches of rain a couple of weeks ago.
After a drought, and then late Winter snowstorms, 
with fast melting, it was difficult to deal with flooding.
One local river is still considered within flood stage.

I have been doing Spring-cleaning in the yard.
That’s when I found this baby Red-Eared Slider
sitting in the grass in my back yard. 
This is very unusual, as we live up a bluff, 
across the road from the lake, and 
about a block down the road from the bog. 
That is quite a journey for this little guy!
Obviously the journey was long and difficult,
as he was quite parched and badly needed 
to be returned to his natural lake water.
 After checking him over, to be sure he was 
uninjured, I carried him down to the quiet bog, 
where I knew he would enjoy a safe release.
You can see him in the center of the picture.
When I put him in the water he stretched 
his legs and head, floating for a moment.
Then he dove down into the water, 
surfacing to briefly look up at me 
before disappearing into the weeds.

27 thoughts on “A Baby Turtle

  1. I'm amazed … it isn't even time for baby turtles, is it? Where did he come from and how did he get there. Well, as usual, you did the right thing for him and he is off, like Solo, to live a good life. Very cute pictures, by the way 🙂



  2. Oh my goodness the cuteness. Glad you were able to get him back to a safe spot! He's about the size of my Roma and her brother Preston (they're RES too) when I got them. They just turned 12 yesterday and are more than a handful now 🙂



  3. How beautiful. We used to get the huge river turtles in our back yard laying eggs (the river ran behind the house) and every year we'd have our own private arribada! I miss that house! I hope the new owners are watching out for our turtle buddies.


  4. This is the most perfect way to celebrate Be Kind To Animals Week! Of course, you would do the same on any day because you care. Thank you so much for stopping to take the pictures for us before you took him home… what an adorable little guy. I'm going to have to share this post with Papa Bear! I can only imagine how happy he was to be back in the water. 🙂


  5. What a little sweetie. I wonder if he was picked up by a large bird and dropped by accident. Why would he travel so far from the water, I would have to wonder. I love turtles and had a few as a child to care for.


  6. That's quite a deluge. We're glad you found that little guy and were able to return him to his natural habitat. We have lots and lots of turtles in our river, but we've never seen one that tiny. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


  7. Well, McG, you did it, you made me cry. I am so protective of all wildlife… I brake for tortoises and help them across even busy interstates… they always brake for me, either because I have a “crazy lady” light, or because they see the big animal and I have my blinkers on.

    These pix were amazing. So glad to hear of the happy ending! Amy


  8. So sweet, he came back to look for you. Who says animals have no feelings, they do and I think in today's society humans are losing out on emotions and values but animals are not.

    Thanks for posting this:)!!


  9. Aw, how sweet!! and wonderful of you to rescue him.
    I used to have turtles, but once they got to a big enough size, I gave them a new home in a pond on my aunt's property. There were 2 of them, so they had each other on their new adventure.


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