Walking on Eggshells

Discovering Strength and Courage amid Chaos
By Lyssa Chapman, with Lisa Wysocky

This is the brave and revealing memoir of a young woman wise beyond her years. It wasn’t by her choice, but rather necessity. Lyssa is very honest and revealing in her memoir. She discusses in painful detail the abuse she suffered throughout her childhood and teens, as well as the addictions she has fought. Her life has been a struggle through many horrific situations.
Lyssa is the ninth child of Duane “Dog” Chapman, the famous bounty hunter. From the beginning she was called “Baby Lyssa”, a nickname she has carried. Though she always felt close to her father, she was neglected by both parents her entire life.
Growing up in poverty, with drug addictions in many of her role models, Lyssa struggled at every turn. Shuttled between her parents and clinging to an older sister, she ended up an unwed mother on her own; by then she also was deep into her own addictions.
She moved to Hawaii to again live with her father, determined to make a fresh start for herself and her daughter. She became the youngest bounty hunter at the tender age of eighteen, joining her father’s family business.
Lyssa later married on the TV show, “Dog, the Bounty Hunter”. The abusive marriage did not last. However, it did result in another daughter. She has custody of both daughters, and is making the life for them that she did not have.
At twenty-five, Lyssa Chapman is now a mentor for other young girls and women.  Her personal battles have led her to want to reach out to others, helping them to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams. Her book is inspiring and brave. She is an amazing young woman, with much hard-earned wisdom.

10 thoughts on “Walking on Eggshells

  1. It is a wonderful thing when someone who has lived through these kinds of struggles is later able to share with others in the hopes of helping even one person. Very powerful.


  2. This sounds like a really good story, someone who has gone thru hell and has come back stronger and determined to keep her life on the right path, along with doing the same for her children. We often see such an “airbrushed” picture of celebrities and their families, I always found this one to be disturbing when I used to watch the show. I am eager to read this book and discover the truth. Kudos to this brave young woman for speaking out to help others!


  3. Dog, the bounty hunter gave me the creeps.

    I'm so happy she found a way out of the darkness. Some do it and others don't try. Just throw in the towel.

    Have a terrific day. ☺


  4. She is indeed beautiful (inside and out) and shows a courage many of us have never had to depend on. This is probably not a book I will read because my “to read” pile is already beyond my reach, but your review is tribute to her wisdom. Nicely done …



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