36 thoughts on “Lines

  1. I love the photo and the poem you wrote to it. Sometimes in the shadows we find just what we need, don't we? Especially if we squint our eyes and look real hard…..


  2. I absolutely loved this. The play on words and the imagery that you evoke are wonderful. It took me back to all those times as a child when I walked that fine line and returned home to those same words!

    Your imagery is beautiful, both in words and with your camera! You matched the two, so well.


  3. This is an awesome poem and could mean so many things to so many people. That is what is so special about your poetry … you speak to people without them knowing they are being spoken to. This is good, no two ways about it!



  4. Nice, Ms. Mac ~~ I know the one standing across was as happy in your poet finding him or her as the poet was in the finding. I am like Sharp Little above, I hope this is the way my reunion with Adi (beagle dog, my buddy girl) will be when I get to Heaven.


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