"The Accident"

Spirits high, car windows open, summer mingled with music from the radio as the teenagers hurried to the graduation party.

Changing lanes quickly they lost control of the vehicle, as it hit a hedge row and rolled five times before landing upside down in a driveway.

Sirens screamed and lights flashed, while people gathered to observe the outcome of the accident. Paramedics used “The Jaws of Life” to safely cut the teens out of the mangled car, telling them it was a “miracle they were alive”.

Looking up at the old church by the driveway, they all knew it was true. 

Story & Photo by:
McGuffy Ann Morris

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27 thoughts on “"The Accident"

  1. Now this is the kind of writing and story that brings a lump to my throat and thank goodness by the time the first tear begins to drop, faith has a way of opening a door. Bravo, in five sentences, you warmed my soul.


  2. Rolling to a stop in church driveway unhurt could certainly make you think twice! The story is especially interesting to me as I lost a close friend in a similar accident in 1972. While it wasn't on the way to a graduation party, it was the year he was to have graduated from high school, and the accident description is eerily alike – except for the church.


  3. Wow, McGuffy Ann! This was intense and powerful… and brings to mind how often this story replays itself in similar form at the end of school term and in the summer months to follow. Rarely are the occupants this lucky, I personally know of several who have not been. Thanak you for the excellent writing and the timely reminder to slow down and pay attention out there… lives hang in the balance! The photo was right on target for your words – well done!


  4. Great intro to a story that happens only too frequently every year. I'm glad for the happy ending but for some the ending is the end.

    My neighbour's son died in such a crash when he lost control of the vehicle after taking a turn too fast coming down a hill. They were going home after a graduation party. There were 6 young people in the car. My neighbour's son and his girlfriend and another person was killed in the crash, the other three were seriously injured. Their lives has been changed for ever.
    The parent's grief is long lasting and very real.

    Hugs, JB


  5. You summed it up in 5 sentences, yet the after effects of this accident will take a long time to write. Great job, as always, McGuffy. A sad, but too often true story …



  6. I am very sorry for your loss. This was based on a true story, too.My writing is inspired by experience and observations. I truly am sorry for what happened yo your friend.


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